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    Najam vozila Novi Sad


  • Age: minimum 25 years.
  • Personal documents:
  • ID card or passport
  • Driver’s license (valid – minimum 2 years)
  • Deposit

Duration of the lease : minimum rental period is 3 days(72 hour), when a client is late in returning the vehicle tolerated 1h. In the event that client late in returning the vehicle at the end of tolerance of 1 hour will be charged a new rental day. The customer can extend the rental vehicle without our permission. If the customer wishes to return the vehicle earlier, it shall be the time of the rent agreement with the representative of the agency. Before returning the vehicle does not reduce the previously agreed amount of rental vehicles.
If the lease is than 7 days  is limited to 200 km per day. Each additional kilometer distance traveled will be charged.

Vehicle pick-up :
essential identity card or passport and driver’s license;
when downloading signed the contract in two copies;
vehicle is retrieved and returned to the office;
vehicle is retrieved and returned to working hours;
vehicle is retrieved and returned washed, technically correct and without damage.
Fuel costs, parking, garaging, penalties and violations during the rental car, as well as any additional administrative orders and administrative costs shall be borne exclusively by the client.

Treatment in cases of accidents, theft, damage : A police report is required - without the full amount of the damage or theft will be fully charged from the client. The record is necessary to put and when the client was not present when the damage to the vehicle in the parking lot, theft and the like.

The Client shall comply with the following order:
-Immediately notify the police and act in accordance with their instructions;
-Immediately report the occurrence of accidents, to allow timely testing alcohol levels in the accident.
-Do not leave the scene;
-Once you inform the police must inform the agency.
-If the client fails to comply with the above obligations shall be liable to damages.
-All vehicles have comprehensive car insurance.

Tariff packages include cover damage to the rented vehicle and the theft of the rented vehicle with mandatory participation in the damage or theft of an amount determined under the contract with the insurance company. In any case of  the damage client will participate in the damage to the amount of 200,00 euros.

The damage to the vehicle will be fully borne by the customer unless:

- Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or soothing drugs,
- Allow the vehicle managed by a person who is not specified in the contract,
- A person who is without proper permits for the management of the type of vehicle,
- When the person driving the vehicle the protective measure of prohibition to drive a motor vehicle of a certain type,
- If the damage is caused intentionally or fraudulently
- If the damage was caused by passing through a red light, if done in a place where overtaking is duly expressly prohibited.
- If the damage from the additional risk of theft caused by leaving the keys and other devices to run,
- If you leave the place accidents without approval of the competent authority of the Interior,
- Make a report of a traffic accident after a lapse of time which prevents testing alcohol levels in the accident.
Using a vehicle outside the borders of Serbia is permitted only with prior approval of the Agency. If the client leaves the country without the consent of the agency will fully bear all costs of damage or theft.


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Rent a car Novi Sad

Rent a car Novi Sad